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Friday, May 4, 2012

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I miss Korea so much (Part 4)

I miss Korea so much and I really want to go there once more. Again, Sorry, gua akan mix bahasa dalam penulisan gua. (Nak improve English – pasti ada gammar error).

The first met

I skip too many stories actually and I just wrote the highlight one. And, it goes like this. Pn Rahimah asked us to gather around together and settle some stuff regards to the registration process. The first meeting I didn’t come because my mom was sick at that time and I was in KL to be there beside her. Need to be mention, my mom was been attacked by pneumonia (paru-paru berair) due to virus infection and now, she are strong and in a good wealth. So, I came for the second meeting and that was the first time I met them (student who were selected). The meeting was conducted at CICT UTM on 9.00p.m. I arrived there on 9.15p.m. And I think I’m late. But, unfortunately, there’s no one at all. After 20 minutes wait, Alia and jell came by followed by Meng Jian Chin, Alan, Darleen and Afiqah. Wait, there’s only 7 person right? Suppose to be 8 persons. Who the last one? After 10 minutes, Wahida came by and said “sorry, I’m late.” Hahaha… I’m the one who were really early! This is a record!

At the moment, I just know that Alia and Jell were chosen too. What a huge coincident, we were went to the interview together! They came by and sit near me. Darleen was sat beside me and Yeah, I recognized her. She is the one who giving a talk on GOP program at Dewan Merdeka KRP, UTM. She are very talkative person, very cheerful, really intelligent person, really fluent in English and don’t forget, full of ‘story’.

Image of Darleen with me

Alan at that time just standing between Darleen and me. My first impression, he’s nerd guys. Haha.. sorry Alan, didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. And, how about Chin? Chin are tall person, just like me, full of opinion, kinda macho guy, always take a good care of his hair all the time, and full of stupid jokes and stuff but, he is intelligent guy when first moment I met him. At first, I didn’t see a geek from Chin because he always control his behave when he talk to me. I kinda like his attitude.
Image of Alan
Image of Chin. Probably Shirtless
Look at him. Loves women and yet really afraid to them

Afiqah. We called her Iqa and she sat in front of me at the meeting. She came by and sat, then immediately smiled at me on the first place. First time I saw her, and I was like, “what? Cun gila minah cina nih!” and I smiled back. Iqa obviously a pretty young lady, who have a long hair and kinda brilliant talking person. When, the rest called her Iqa, I was pretty confused. Is she a Chinese girl or malay? And when Chin make a flirty jokes towards Iqa, then I know, she’s malay girl.

Image of Iqa

How about Wahida? She is good person. She spoke when she need to and she just mute when she didn’t have things to say. She looks kinda older then the rest to me but the reality is, she older than me and kinda younger than the rest. This is where the statement about ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ takes place huh? Haha. Wahida to me, she is brilliant lady and have a pretty looking smiles.

Image of Wahida

The meeting was went very well. But, unfortunately, I’m the one who were really really really lost. What the hell were they talking about at that time? I was like, “what?” They were so much information in their heads regards to the registration process and I was really blank at the moment. And I just realized, people who were gathered together with me are not just anyone. They are somebody! Somebody who were meant to be chosen. I know my size is huge compare to them but at the moment, I felt really really really damn small, man! When they’re asked me about the registration, and I just answered, “I’m not sure lah.” But actually, I don’t know a thing at all. NOTHING! NOT A THING…!!! Silly me! haha… and, the meeting went really well. Thank god, I got some guide and clues with their help. They were really kind to me.

To be continue. Please follow this story in “I miss Korea so much (Part 5)”.

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