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Monday, January 9, 2017

HNY Blog

Dear Blog,

Happy new year bro.
I celebrated new year last week with such disappointment and terrified.
Luckily, It was nothing and not a big deal at all.

Well, I just hoping that 2017 would be the best year of my life.
I hope that 2017 can beat 2014.

Btw, can you work within the field that you wont put your heart in it for the rest of your life?


Sunday, December 25, 2016

When you think you mature enough but you aren't and never will

Dear blog,

Its me blog. I am here again. You're probably already know it right? Every time i come here, my moods and feelings currently blended and mixed up. Well, yeah. I am sad.

My wedding is just around the corner tho. People always say, if you're engaged with someone, you gonna face some challenges and obstacles along the way. Yet, i was prepared to avoid for any kinds of flirting or hooking up with any other girls. Im avoiding those feelings too. Unfortunately, my challenges aren't those. Mine is the... well, this is just a little kinda problem and i think i can handle it.

Its funny tho, because when you think youre old and mature enough to handle your temper, action and behaviour but youre end up making a fool out of yourself. Hence, you brag to other people, telling what youre problems are. Then you shut the front door upon their face just because what the other people says are right and doesn't go along like what you expected. I dont think i like those things in my life.

I hate being alone when i need people to interact with.  But, it is what it is. Youre have to experience all those kind of things because deep down you know once you got no time to yourself, you kinda missing it so much later on and that's how life's work. You doesn't appreciate when its there and you kinda wanna that back when its gone.

I probably dont know what im taking (in this case typing) right now. But, when the time goes by, year by year, i open back this thoughts that i posted, im gonna smile, look back and think how colour full my life was.

I wish I can wrote a song based on my feelings, moods and thoughts. It would be a great song and hit the top chart. People would play my song over the radio and they would humming it on the daily basis. Sadly, I got no talent in composing. I wasn't meant to be one. I wasn't meant to be a writer either.

By the way, its been awhile I didn't wrote any stupid riddle about my life. Well, riddle me this....

When you can see it, it's all that you can see; when it's not there anymore, you can see it thousands of times in the distance. 

Haha. Well, That is something to think about then. Good luck kiddo.


Saturday, December 24, 2016

Missing the UK Land

Dear Blog

It's been almost 3 years I left the UK Land and I really miss life in UK. Every time I express that how much I really miss it, no one even bothered to listen to me because they're tired of hearing it. It does not matter because I would have done the same if I were in their place.

Now, I've been work, out of the area where I grew up. Many do not know that I really prefer to stay and settled in Kuala Lumpur. What can I do? In the last 12 years, I've become nomads I must say. I have never lived with my old folks at home by more than 4 months since I've been destined to be independent, to be away from Kuala Lumpur.

I've lived more than 2 years in the north and 4 years in the south of the Malaysian peninsula. Life is different but my feeling remains the same. Lonely and Sad. But, there are several little joys that I have enjoyed which I cannot deny it.

However, living abroad was different. I live in the UK almost 2 years and I also lived in South Korea for almost 3 months. Even my love life was really shit-ty at the moment but I was enjoying my life to the fullest. I also really like to study their culture and my life was full of adventure.

No one who cares about what you're doing. The way you dress or where you go. It’s all about you exploring the world the true meaning of life. Although the locals treated you as foreigners, but the Malays who residing abroad were taking a good care of you and they help each other out. You will learn a lot especially your surviving skills in order to live on your own feet despite all the constraints and obstacles faced at the time.

I know that I can do the same thing in Malaysia. However, the culture in Malaysia makes me feel hate to do it.

I'm not condemning life in Malaysia. INI TUMPAH DARAHKU. But, compare to the other country, Malaysia is ‘far behind’ in terms of the way they thought or even their physical advances such as the country development, politics or socio-cultural.
The locals would say things behind your back. No matter what you do or what you wear or where you go. Your conducts will be watched and bandied about it at everywhere at any time. If things what you’re doing are weird, you will be recorded and you will be famous because of what you do is stupid to them. I know sometimes these things happen in other places as well, but, here in Malaysia, it's too much! Example, a dude got famous just because here wearing a Homburg hat and shades in the mall. People would say, Ada matahari kah dalam mall ni? Dude, can you just minding your own business? Plus, if you are in trouble or you are in an emergency situation, people will pull out their mobile phones. Not to call 911 but, they will just stand there and record all the way.

By the way, not all of them like that but, most of them are!

Why I didn’t travel much in Malaysia you asked? There are several reasons such as, our money sucks, limited choice of places, limited choice of public transportation and many more. Plus, I got so much responsibilities to bear with. Responsibility as a son, as a brother, as a friend, as a lover and as a slave. Where in UK, all those responsibilities were limited due to distances.
But anyway, luckily, I also took advantage of the predetermined destiny tho. I travelled more than 10 countries and has already tasted life living abroad. I judged from every perspective and I found that I still prefer to live abroad. Especially UK. But still,

Hujan emas negara orang, hujan batu negara sendiri. Lebih baik negara sendiri.

Now I really do understand what that phrase mean.